Student Attributes Poster BUNDLE

Student attribute poster bundle

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Comprehensive set of Classroom Posters – a valuable resource designed to grow relationship skills, personal virtues, inner wellbeing, emotional regulation and innovative mindset amongst students.
This PDF download features a collection of A4-sized posters defining student attributes. These attributes are essential for educators and children who are learning to take agency and ownership for their learning.
Attributes Included:
  • Relationship Skills – Kindness, Compassion, Respect, Empathy, Friendship, Trust, Generosity, Cooperation, Loyalty, Forgiveness, Collaboration
  • Personal Virtues – Integrity, Honesty, Discipline, Responsibility, Diligence
  • Inner Wellbeing – Gratitude, Contentment, Humility, Optimism, Positivity, Mindfulness, Self-esteem
  • Emotional Regulation – Resilience, Flexibility, Self-control, Perseverance, Courage, Patience, Self-awareness
  • Innovative Mindset – Risk Taking, Creativity, Problem Solving, Innovation, Curiosity, Critical Thinking, Open-minded, Resourceful, Experimentation, Passion.
One-Page Guide/Summary Posters: Our resource includes specially crafted one-page guide summarising all the attributes in each set. This guide serves as a quick reference for both educators and students, facilitating easy incorporation of these principles into daily interactions.
Versatile Usage:
  • Classroom Wall Reminders: Display these posters prominently on classroom walls to serve as constant reminders of each attribute.
  • Focused Skill Development: Tailor your teaching approach by emphasising specific attributes when needed. Use these posters as visual aids during discussions and activities centered around each skill.
  • Integration with School and Home Values: Align your classroom values with those of the school and home environment, creating a unified approach to character development.
PDF A4 Download: Whether you’re an educator, parent, or administrator, our Attribute Posters are a versatile and accessible tool for developing learners/students into well rounded young people.

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