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Turn your learners (and educators) into critical thinking, self-directed, confident explorers.

What We Do

We help schools, teachers,  educators and leaders bring change and innovation to learning environments. 

We champion not only the why but also the HOW of embracing educational agency.

How We Do It

We provide resources, courses, information and ideas that activate agency in classrooms and learning environments.

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Why It Works

Learners and educators experience a feeling of agency and empowerment leading to success and achievement.

Learning differently opens new opportunities.

Our Membership


No one strategy works for all teachers, all schools or all learners. That's why our membership is a curated collection of ideas, concepts, resources, and more, that can be picked through, adapted and used however they suit each individual.


Educators like to make things happen - so inside our freedom ed™️ membership you'll find practical ideas, ready-to-go resources and case studies showing real teachers who are part of the movement to rethink education.


We're not here to bore you - just like you're not here to bore your learners. We get right to the point, make things clear and strive to make your membership experience as engaging as possible. We are here for you.


There's no denying it - freedom ed™️ will transform your teaching practice, your classroom and your mindset. When it comes to teaching and learning you'll wonder why you haven't made these transformations sooner.


Our aim is to provide you with professional development material, resources and more in the simplest possible way. Everything is available to all members, just click and go.


We want to collaborate with you and we want you to collaborate with those in your educational community. Everything is open for discussion, adaptation and rethinking.

Why freedom ed™️?

The world is changing

We are seeing exponential change in what is important in life. Both for educators and for learners and their future. The need for self management, creativity, flexibility and collaboration is at an all time high. As the world changes so must education.

You deserve it

We get it. You're a busy educator who gets one thing after another thrown at you. You know something needs to change, you want to be happier, you want to be the change that education needs. Let us make that easy for you.

It works

The innovative ideas, pedagogies, resources and information within freedom ed™️ work. Others have proven this. Learn what you want, implement how it works for you and enjoy the benefits along the way. You've got this.

Spotlight Professional Learning

Transformational ‘spotlights’ provide members with thought provoking professional learning along with actionable ideas, resources and more. Our experts are carefully selected and offer an immense value and passion towards rethinking education. New spotlights added regularly.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Sara Warnock is passionate about spreading wellness throughout schools using yoga and mindfulness. She shares with us the science behind the practice, practical tips for teachers and lots more. Upskill yourself and make a real difference to yourself and your learners.

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Join Cynthia Hancox as we discuss all things homeschooling. We delve into the what, why, and how, of this educational choice. Cynthia provides helpful advice for parents as well as schools & teachers who can support families in their ongoing education journey. (FREE)

Teaching as Inquiry

Rebbecca Sweeney's understanding, experience, and expertise around the ins and outs, benefits, and practices of teaching as inquiry is second to none. Join us as Rebecca shares how effective Spirals of Inquiry can transform learning for students, teachers, and schools.

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Jenny Tebbutt has a wealth of knowledge and experience in identifying and supporting children with learning difficulties. She shares details with us about how and why these learners are being let down and what schools, teachers, and parents can do about it

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Project Based Learning

Lauren Pugh shares with us the why and how of project-based learning. She steps us through a straightforward model and provides insight into the hands-on engaging, and actionable learning that awaits.

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Join Lizzy Bayliss as we discuss the wonderful world of collaboration in education. Become inspired by hearing the benefits to learners and teachers, along with practical ways to make collaboration really work for you.

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Trauma Informed Practice

Jase Williams has transformed Henry Hill School with a trauma-informed lens. He shares his experiences, and reasoning along with the benefits of doing so. Become motivated to rethink through relationships and aroha. (FREE)

Learning Through Play

Sarah Aiono of Longworth Education shares with us the ins and outs of learning through play. What it is, what it is not, the benefits, how to get started, what it could look like across the school and how to learn more.

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Classroom Culture

Join Karen Tui Boyes as we discuss creating a positive and innovative classroom culture. Help your learners be thinkers and problem solvers by focusing on the process and progress of learning.

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The Outdoor Classroom

Join Celia Hogan from Little Kiwis Nature Play as we explore learning outdoors including nature play, curriculum links, benefits, risks and strategies to get started.

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Universal Design for Learning

Katie Novak lends us her extensive expertise in designing universal learning experiences to ensure ALL learners are catered for. Her wealth of knowledge is easily understood in the huge number of resources provided in this spotlight.

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School Ownership (Agency)

Join Steve Saville and Becca Thomas from Engaging Learning Voices and gain inspirational insight into why and how a school can take ownership and express agency over change. Stop waiting for change to happen to you and start owning the change.

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