Ditch the Tumble

Before I tell you all about this life-changing course, let’s talk about who this is really for. You’re a teacher who knows there must be a better way. You love your job but are tired of doing everything FOR your students. You want a classroom environment where students understand their learning needs and can make choices based on them. You want a smoother, more connected learning programme, you want more time to teach, and more time for a life outside of teaching. 


Ditch the Tumble is an online course to support YOU through the process of ditching your teacher-led learning programme and adopting an approach which encompasses the essence of learner agency.  This course is designed with teachers of Year 3-8 in mind however it could be adapted for learners at any age/stage.  Ditch the Tumble is accessible to all freedom ed members so join us and get started today.

By the end of this course, you will have

  • Improved your mindset about how you view teaching and learning.
  • Developed a pathway for supporting learners to understand and act according to their learning needs.
  • Gained strategies for developing self-management amongst learners.
  • Found confidence in a way forward around HOW to provide more agency in your classroom.

More Info

Ditch the Tumble has supported over 200 teachers to increase learner agency in their class.  The welcome video below is straight from the course and provides an overview of how the course works.  Check it out for yourself.

Ditch the Tumble includes
  • a manageable 1.25 hours of video content
  • resources such as
    • wall displays
    • planning templates
    • ready to go learning tasks
    • teaching material


Course Modules


Hello hello. A quick look at how Ditch the Tumble is setup, how you can progress your own learning and what you can find where in this course.


A look at the big picture. Our roadmap acts as an overview for how you will progress your learners as you progress your way through the three levels of agency and how each element comes together.


Check your self. Here you will be prompted to explore, challenge and adapt your views towards teaching and learning to ensure you are setting yourself up for success on this journey.

Learning Needs

Understanding learning. This module will help you understand the process you will take to develop awareness toward the key element of learning needs amongst your learners.

Self Management

Raising self-management. In this module you will build an understanding of the progression you will use to develop the key element of self management skills amongst your learners.

Set Up

The module you probably came here for. All about how you are going to set up and structure your learning programme across the three levels to ensure you are placing a focus on learning needs and self-management.

Level One

You are doing it. Dive deeper into the first level of classroom implementation by bringing together attention to learning needs, self management and set up.

Level Two

No holding you back. Supporting you to move your learners through to level two of their agency journey.

Level Three

You've got this. When your learners are ready to fly this module will give you the last bit of guidance you need.


Teachers love a good resource right?   Ditch the Tumble includes all the resources you need to make this exciting change in your classroom.  The below + more are all ready and waiting to make this journey smooth for you.

Resource Index
Learner Planner
Teacher Planner
Explicit Task Ideas
Google Slide Guide
Self Management Progressions
Learning Need Display
Self Management Display
Cheat Sheet
Mix & Match Activity
Y Chart Activity
Assessment Activity
Integrated Task
Integrated Task
Integrated Task
Integrated Task
Integrated Task
Integrated Task

You are already a great teacher so let me help you be even better. Let me help you free up your time, engage your learners and allow them to really shine. You deserve this and so do they!