Learn with us

Our mission is to empower schools, educators, teachers, parents and learners to question the way we do things.  To implement ways that achieve educational freedom, engagement and enjoyment for both students and teachers.  To create inclusive learning environments that foster a culture of connection and curiosity – eliminating the spoon-fed leadership or teacher-directed model that you may be used to.

We breath life into learning, inspiring people to create open spaces and communities where we all get to lead.  Where we all feel heard.  Where we all succeed and where we all feel trusted.

A world where freedom and trust are the norm and every learner, and educator can thrive and shine.

Personalised Support

Sometimes a more personal touch is desired and here at freedom ed™️ that can be arranged. I can support you for an hour, a day, a term, or longer. I can work 1 on 1 with you or with a larger team or staff group. We can zoom or we can change the world in person. Flexibility is key.


There's no denying it - freedom ed™️ will transform your teaching practice, your classroom and your mindset. When it comes to teaching and learning you'll wonder why you haven't made these transformations sooner.​


No one strategy works for all teachers, all schools or all learners. That's why your membership is a curated collection of ideas, concepts, resources, and more, that can be picked through, adapted and used however they suit each individual.


Educators like to make things happen - so inside your freedom ed™️ membership you'll find practical ideas, ready-to-go resources and case studies showing real teachers who are part of the movement to rethink education.


We want to collaborate with you and we want you to collaborate with those in your educational community. Everything is open for discussion, adaptation and rethinking.


We're not here to bore you - just like you're not here to bore your learners. We get right to the point, make things clear and strive to make your membership experience as engaging as possible. We are here for you.


Our aim is to provide you with professional development material, resources and more in the simplest possible way. Everything is available to all members, just click and go.