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Our innovative, interactive and highly effective membership gives the entire school community an EXPERIENCE of trust and choice.  Transforming not only our behaviours as we interact in the learning environment, but the very ways we think about and experience the learning process.

  • freedom ed™️ educators support learners by giving choices and offering tools that allow students to take control of their own learning, and to enjoy independence while supporting each other through collaboration.
  • freedom ed™️ schools embrace the movement en-mass, committed to giving freedom to teachers and students in order to create an environment of trust, engagement and increased learning potential.

freedom ed™️ values implemented in the classroom and school create a paradigm shift, creating a climate of engagement and fun. A climate of freedom, trust and success.


What does membership get you?

  • Full access to our PLD Spotlights
  • Full access to our signature learner agency course Ditch the Tumble
  • Full access to our Project Based Learning tasks
  • Priority personalised support

Individual and team memberships available – see all options here


freedom ed™️ membership – for change makers and risk takers who want to do things differently – for themselves and their students.


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