Our Mission

Our mission is to empower schools, educators, teachers, parents and learners to question the way we do things.  To implement ways that achieve educational freedom, engagement and enjoyment for both students and teachers.  To create inclusive learning environments that foster a culture of connection and curiosity – eliminating the spoon-fed leadership or teacher-directed model that you may be used to.

Our innovative, interactive and highly effective membership gives the entire school community an EXPERIENCE of trust and choice.  Transforming not only our behaviours as we interact in the learning environment, but the very ways we think about and experience the learning process.

We breath life into learning, inspiring people to create open spaces and communities where we all get to lead.  Where we all feel heard.  Where we all succeed and where we all feel trusted.

A world where freedom and trust are the norm and every learner, and educator can thrive and shine.

Our Members

  • freedom ed™️ teachers support learners by giving choices and offering tools that allow students to take control of their own learning, and to enjoy independence while supporting each other through collaboration. Our signature course “Ditch the Tumble” provides teachers with a tried and tested approach to increasing agency in the classroom.
  • freedom ed™️ schools embrace the movement en-mass, committed to giving freedom to teachers and students in order to create an environment of trust, engagement and increased learning potential.
  • freedom ed™️ values implemented in the classroom and school create a paradigm shift, creating a climate of engagement and fun. A climate of freedom, trust and success.

freedom ed™️ membership – for change makers and risk takers who want to do things differently – for themselves and their students.

Our Values


Teachers and students that are given freedom to self-manage are more likely to be engaged and successful in their roles. Having the freedom to act or function independently of (often needless) school or teacher imposed constraints is crucial. Having agency - the capacity, skills and knowledge to self-manage - is the key to happy and healthy teachers, and engaged and motivated learners.


Learning happens anywhere and at any time! Let’s ditch rigid, siloed teaching and replace it with interest-driven learning. Our membership is flexible - visit when you want and use the parts that work for you. One approach doesn't work for every school, every teacher or every child so being flexible is what we’re all about.


Learning should be as real as possible - driven by what’s going on for a learner, their interests and their needs. Not driven by what's next in the curriculum, fitting into a checklist, group, or what’s been decided school, team or class wide. We’re in the business of supporting young people to grow and thrive so let's make that happen - for them!


We’re all about successful outcomes for everyone throughout and far beyond just the educational setting. freedom ed teachers are part of a special community rethinking education for the better - using tools and resources that support the development of collaboration in their class, school and community.


Engaged teachers teach well. Engaged learners learn well. Being flexible is key, and giving as much autonomy as possible encourages enthusiasm and dedication.


Rethinking education doesn’t have to be hard. Anyone can make change, and anyone can make change today. Easy-to-understand ideas can be implemented simply. Many simple, small changes can add up to big impact - which is how education is transformed.

Get to Know Us Better

Kate Friedwald
Primary Teacher & Mum

Tēnā koutou katoa,
He uri ahau nō Ahitereiria, no Aotearoa,
I whānau au i Ahitereiria,
I tipu ake au ki Tāmaki Makaurau,
Kei te Tāmaki Makaurau ahau e noho ana,
Ko Tīkapa Moana o Hauraki tōku moana,
Ko Johnson, Olliff tōku whānau,
Ko Kate Friedwald tōku ingoa

I am Kate. I’m a mum to two, and I’m a teacher to many. I understand the struggles, the time demands, the workload, the frustrations and the unwavering commitment to provide a positive learning experience to learners who look up to you. Does it have to be this stressful? NO, and that’s what freedom ed ™ is all about. Work with me to rethink education and make it better for everyone.

BBS, GradDipTchLn(Primary), MoE accredited facilitator

Kate Friedwald
Founder and managing director - freedom ed ™️

As an in-school and online facilitator, I support teachers and schools to develop digital fluency, adopt agency based practices, and implement innovative learning pedagogies.

Over many years, working in education I’ve listened to teachers express their frustration about the parts of education that left them stressed and worn out. I heard them asking over and over HOW to change the learning environment for them and their learners. So I developed Ditch the Tumble – an online course to support teachers to increase agency in the classroom

As teachers engaged with the course I noticed that they have a strong desire to do even more to change education on a wider level. I was being asked over and over HOW to do even more things differently.

So I created freedom ed™.  Join us.